Fashion Experiment
They make heads turn. Confident, dynamic and have an enigmatic smile.
We look at them with such admiration. Who are they?
Fashion experiment
They make heads turn. Confident, dynamic and have an enigmatic smile.
We look at them with such admiration. Who are they?
Modern women
Always focused
A passionate determination sets them apart from the crowd. Whether it's work, family, or leisure they go for it with confidence.
They want it all and can have it all...
Let your outfit talk!
One of the brightest TV-hosts will show
what a daily-outfit can do
in our Fashion experiment.
It's time to change

We are looking for new mixes to experiment with. New combinations of forms and colors. Everything comfortable, fresh and feminine.
In this look, we demonstrate one trendy combination: sporty bomber jacket with casual trousers 7/8 in a noble dark blue.

I have plenty of whites and after this shooting I'm considering adding this white bomber. Found it very match-y, a bit unpractical, but chic. I love it for its freshness.
Larisa Irintseeva
New textures, unusual fabrics and combinations of different styles can reveal a new side of your personality. Like in this look, the Leather Moto Jacket can replace a drab office blazer. Over a simple white shirt, leather adds a splash of energy!
Rock it!
I would describe my style as relaxed casual, but when filming TV-news filming, I have to wear, of course, more classic outfits. Well, it's not an obligation, so, sometimes I can play with style and mix, let's say, a long pleated skirt with a pair of white sneakers.
Larisa Irintseeva
Don't be afraid of color!

Color affects the appearance tremendously. These are not just words. Correctly selected by temperature and saturation, it's able to "highlight" the natural beauty.

Finding your own color is not so difficult. Just try on colored things during the daylight. Note how it subtly changes your face, whether it highlights roughness of the skin or circles under the eyes. With the right color your eyes would sparkle and no one would even notice that you have had lack of sleep.
Color-scheme brown, mustard, copper and burgundy always looks very deep and noble. It would definitely refresh your wardrobe. My favorite contrast is combination of green, turquoise, blue and gray-blue.
Evgeniya Shagdarova
Beat the routine!

Wear something bright without a reason? Why not! If you have a stock of black and gray boring sheath dresses, let a bit of humor into your wardrobe. Bright polka dot beats the office routine! If you add red lips and voilà! you suddenly turned into a retro diva from the 40's.

Knowing the shapes and silhouettes of clothes that suit you - like a trump card in your sleeve. It makes life easier and allows you to be comfortable in a very recognizable way. Sometimes it's fun to leave the comfort zone! For example, if you prefer casual (let's say relaxed) style, then it is not superfluous to surprise people around with a bright dress or off-the-shoulder top.
One of my most unexpected purchase was a very short suede skirt, which I bought somewhere abroad. It went with a jacket which I actually have worn quite often, сan't say the same about the skirt. Well, my profession affects my style...
Larisa Irintseeva
boutique Olga

Create your own style

Comfortable and beautiful outerwear is one of the most important components in a modern wardrobe. The originality of design, high-quality materials and excellent taste have already gained popularity.
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